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A deep personal learning journey designed to get you beyond your wall and into the peak performance zone.  It's an e-package delivered by your mentor via g/hangouts/skype and phone/email. We work deeply, broadly and specifically on the things you most need.

 'I don't know of any other learning & coaching experience that is so tightly tailored to exactly what I need'. - Senior Manager, Arts and Entertainment Industry




The 'Ultimate Edge' Modern Leadership Development Program is a tailored-to-you program but within a set curriculum.  It's not enough to be just good anymore. To stand out and have the biggest impact you need advanced, modern business and leadership skills. It's a smart program supported by a Field Book and Companion. (Face to face option by request).

'This program changed me and changed my life". - Senior Leader, Banking Industry


Businesspeople Holding Disposable Cups

Participate in a discovery session with Wendy. You will complete a survey and participate in a one-to-one skype call. By the end of this session, you will have total clarity on the biggest thing holding you back and a powerful learning plan including recommendations of the most important things for you to work on right now.



*Also offering highly credible consulting services; mastermind forums; bonus courses